Hyaluronic Acid has helped me deal with every day back, hip, and knee pain after a major car
accident. I haven't been taking it long but I can already tell a difference!

- Bradley Thomas (22)
since July 2006
The knots in the joints of my fingers have completely disappeared. Ha30 is amazing! It has even
helped with the pain of my osteoporosis!

- Mrs. Ruby    (79)
since November 2004
Thank you,

At Kinetic Technologies we are pleased to be on the team of some of the
world's best riders.

Robert Costello
Robert was on the gold medal winning three-day eventing team at the 2003 Pan American Games. He was 8th place at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney.
In addition, Robert has finished in the top ten at some of the world's most challenging eventing competitions-Rolex ****, USET Fall Championship at Fair Hill
CCI ***, Bromont ** and North Georgia CCI ***.

Robert's famous partners include Dalliance, Chevalier, Lust and Mr. Blue Sky.

Steve Cauthen
Hall of Fame and Triple Crown Winning Jockey. "When it comes to performance I turn to Kinetic Technologies, the makers of CONQUER , for innovative
products that work."

Most famous partner is the legendary Affirmed.

Meika Decher
Meika has been in the top fifteen at several of the nation's top events, including Camino Real CCI **, Foxhall Cup CCI***, and Fair Hill CCI***.

Jessica Heidemann
Jessica and her horse, French Twist, have been partners for 6 years during which time they helped take home the team gold at the 2000 North American
Young Riders Championships (NAYRC) in the CCI* division. The following year they were individual silver medalists at the NAYRC CCI **. They were fifth out
of 92 riders in their first CCI *** at Fox Hall, third at the California World Cup Qualifier and short listed for the Pan American Games. 2004 had the pair
competing at Rolex where they finished 13th in the modified CIC**** division.

Marcia Kulak
Marcia is an International Rider as well and a Trainer and Member of the Barcelona Olympic Team and this is what she had to say about our CONQUER®
product: "The demands and challenges of today's Olympic 3-day event requires cutting edge health care, managment, and training for our horses. The
addition of Kinetic's CONQUER® to our program has improvfed our horses' overalll soundness and helped them maximize their competitive abilities."
I thought I'd write and let you know that your product, conquer gel, has made an extreme difference in the quality of life for
my 21 y.o. anglo-arab. He was diagnosed with high ring bone and a few months later with cushings diasease, causing hoof
abscesses and laminitis. My main goal was to keep him "up right" and comfortable. Before conquer this was hard to
accomplish, he was visibly lame, head bobbing and laying down a lot. I am happy to say that now he feels much better and
even will trot and canter with my 2 y.o. TB on occasion. Conquer has played
huge part, and compliments the other treatments he receives for his cushings and high ring bone. Thank you! Because of
seeing first hand results, I have recommended it to friends for their horses and also thinking of trying the human version for
               Kenette  6/17/2007
I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how pleased I am with your product Kinetic k-9 Hyaluronic Gel.  
You first introduced it to me last year an since my 10 year old Canine Companion Gypsy was diagnosed with arthritis 3
yr ago, I had watched him go from an active playful, alert dog to one that could barley get up and down.  I had done
what the Vet recommended which was fish oil and glucosamine chondroitin but saw on difference after months and
Then you introduced me to the Conquer k-9 Hyaluronic gel and I started giving him a small dose (the size of a pea) in
with his food (as well as what the vet recommended) and I couldn't believe the difference in him in just a few days!
He was active again, alert, playful and most of all obviously in no pain.  I've kept him on it now for over a year and I
would recommend it to anyone who has and arthritic dog.  It's really a miracle product!
I understand they also have Hyaluronic Gel for humans and after just ordering my first bottle from you I can't wait to try
it and see if it works as well on me as it does on my dog.
Thanks again for a truly great product that REALLY works !
                                                                  Mary Williams
                                                                  Madison, Fl.
never seen any benefits until one day when I was talking to my hairdresser about the levels of pain I was in and the fact that at my age (47)
I was beginning to doubt that there was any hope for me.  She told me that she and her boyfriend had been taking the Kinetic Hyaluronic
HA 30 and it was really helping their multiple conditions.  She told me that it would probably help me.  I later was told by another friend
about this website and she recommended that I try it.I have never been able to tolerate narcotic pain medications due to horrible skin
reactions, so that wasn't an option.  I finally made the call and got my first bottle to try.  I thought it would be a week or so before I noticed
any change, but I was actually surprised that in the first week my pain levels started to decrease!  I didn't say anything for a while becaus!
e I was not totally convinced that my relief was due to the HA 30, but low and behold after a month I was significantly better and not as
limited in my activities and for once, feeling like I could deal with my condition!  I am ordering again today and I believe that this is the
treatment plan I have searched for all this time!  I take 2 capsules in the mornning and 2 at bedtime.   If I have an increase in my pain I take
an additional 2 tablets at lunch time.  Thank you, Thank You, Thank you for this wonderful supplement to my health care plan!!!

Terri L. Rykard
Madison, FL
comments = Received my order for the canine Conquer Senior (very quickly I might add!)and what a
difference it has already made in my 7 year old Belgian Malinois! She had fractured a toe and it had
calcified and was causing her some discomfort. Since giving her the tablets daily she is now
demanding more agility training!! Thank you Sandy for a timely and wonderful product!  Beth and
Morgan. Leavenworth, KS  02/02/2011
doing the same.  Great stuff!  Also, ordered HA from you and shipped to my
mom who was barely using one leg because of knee pain.  She is 76 yrs old
and was considering knee surgery.  She isn't now and gets up and down like
she did years ago.  I guess I should submit a testimonial  to get 10% off!
Thank you!
Jan, Georgia
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