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Conquer For Horses FREE SHIPPING
$ 108.79
50 dose
Concentrated Sodium Hyaluronate Powder is a
revolutionary NEW concept in joint health
supplements. 50 maintenance servings. 100mg of
Sodium Hyaluronate in every 1/2 oz. NET CONTENT
Chondrogen EQ
$ 59.95
50 dose
Contender Hoof Care FREE SHIPPING
Contender combines all the key ingredients for maximum hoof growth, pliability of hoof structure, and moisture retention. (only the 14oz. bottle with brush applicator is available at this time)
$ 14.95
6 dose
This 60 ml tube contains 100 mg of
Hyaluronic Acid per 10 ml.
Horse Journal, May 2002CONQUER® is the original hyaluronic acid (HA) oral gel. This apple-flavored gel is a convenient and cost effective way to help keep your horse’s joints healthy. The HA used in each tube of CONQUERhas a standardized molecular weight, the result of a controlled biofermentation process. CONQUER was developed and clinically tested by veterinarians. HA is all natural, non-toxic and safe.
$ 152.49
150 dose
Chondrogen EQ™ is the premiere combination joint supplement
with hyaluronic acid.  The product is veterinarian researched,
developed and tested to ensure quality and efficacy. Chondrogen
EQ™ is suitable for all breeds, and uses for horses to support joint
health and flexibility. A superior alternative and replacement to
glucosamine and chondrotin combination products.
Hyaluronic Acid Get back in the game!
Contender Hoof Care
Conquer Liquid
Cost per 100mg dose:
16oz. 32- 1/2 oz @$1.72 per
32oz. 64- 1/2oz @$1.55 per
64oz  128-1/2oz@$1.38per
128oz. 256-1/20z.@$1.10per
16 oz.
32 oz
Conquer® Liquid At 100 mg per dose (200 mg per ounce), Conquer® Liquid is developed specifically to help maintain the health of your animal's joints.
128 oz
Apple Flavor Sodium Hyaluronate Clinically Proven Results
200mg HA per ounce Direction: Maintenance: Give 1/2
ounce (15ml) or 1 pump per 1200lbs. once daily. Quantity
can be doubled for initial 7 days or prior to competition. Can
be given during or after meal time.
National Animal Supplement Council
  •  Hyaluronic Acid was discovered about 60 years ago.  
  • Hyaluronic Acids  importance in the lubrication of  
    joints , decreasing joint pain and inflammation.  
  •  Hyaluronic Acid  plays an important role in vision,
    integrity of tissues, bacterial invasiveness, elasticity in
    skin, circulatory lubricant, and molecular transport
    between cells for joint relief.
  •   Diets high in Hyaluronic Acid result in smoother
    skin, better vision, less fatigue, and less joint pain.
  • People with high levels of Hyaluronic Acid in their diet
    are believed to be living longer and healthier lives,
    giving Hyaluronic Acid the nickname "fountain of youth"
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Hi Lindy,
I am proud to say that I have been in business with Kinetic since 2004.
The great Customer Service and Support I receive spills over to my
satisfied customers.
To be able to carry products that positively change the quality of life,
is so satisfying.
I am thanked over and over again for providing these great products.
Thank you Kinetic for allowing me to do so.
Sincerely, Sandy Bacot, Owner
Madison, Florida
Free Shipping
64 oz
2/26/2014 -
My veterinarian recommended that I used Conquer HA for my
performance horses.  I search the internet found Horse-Tales.  
Great product delivered very quickly.  When I needed to call I was
greeted with great customer service and my questions were
answered by Sandy!  Won't get this product anywhere else!
Regina, FL  
Hyaluronic Acid (HA)
ANTs are an on going problem in Florida.... There's nothing to set my day than to go out and see ANTs all over our
cat's dry food.  I use
ORGANIC ONE under and around my feed bowls and grain container.  With ORGANIC ONE
I get instant and long lasting results. Plus the satisfaction of knowing that I'm "WINNING" with ORGANIC ONE.
Thank you
Organic One,  Sandy
Since 2004
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